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More than just a soy sauce...

Pacific Island is much more than just a soy sauce. At Pacific Island Specialties, we have created the original American Gourmet Soy Sauce unique in taste and versatility. Read more...

Healthy alternative to other sauces and marinades...

The benefit(s): Sodium content is only 300 mg per serving (1/2 Sodium of Lite Soy Sauces). It gets even better. Pacific Island American Soy Sauce has NO Carbs, NO Sugar, NO MSG, NO Cholesterol, NO Fat and only 4 calories per serving. Read more...

Cook With Confidence...

Pacific Island was designed for American cuisine, and chefs everywhere are raving about the fine cooking qualities of Pacific Island American Soy Sauce. Use Pacific Island and we are confident you too will enjoy the secret that travelers to the Pacific Rim have cherished throughout the centuries. Read more...
Pacific Island Soy Sauce
Chef Pete "I use the Pacific Island Soy Sauce as a marinade for my meat, poultry, pork, and seafood, and the taste is simply delicious...I was truly surprised on what this soy sauce can do for my cooking. I now use the Pacific Island Soy Sauce for many of my recipes and I have created a list of delicious recipes that anyone can prepare a tasty meal with just using this gourmet soy sauce."
...Chef Pete, Chef Pete Castillo, Owner of Great Plains Catering and KC reknown chef
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